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Muscle Aid Body Cream


  • Soothes achy & tight muscles
  • Instant cooling relief
  • Creamy & nourishing

Soothe tight, achy muscles with this deeply hydrating cream that goes to work quickly for fast-acting comfort. Experience its refreshingly cool sensation on muscles that feel tired, overworked, or sore, while also providing your skin with a burst of nourishment and instant moisture. The alleviating properties of Wintergreen, White Camphor, and Scots Pine essential oils naturally soothe discomfort and provide an invigorating, refreshing, sweet mint aroma. Massage directly into areas of discomfort resulting from daily wear and tear, overexertion, a good workout, or anytime your muscles are in need of soothing support!

Made with gentle, plant-based ingredients, Muscle Aid Cream is free from harmful chemicals and leaves skin feeling silky soft.


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